Corporate Support

90.5 WESA connects with its audiences whether they are at home, at work, online, or around the world. Business support of the award-winning programming ensures 90.5 WESA’s ability to deliver its valuable services to its loyal audience. Small businesses, large corporations, boutiques, not-for-profits, government agencies, or international firms can be sponsors of 90.5 WESA and align today with the quality brands including NPR, PRI and BBC.

  •  Align Your Business with Excellence

90.5 WESA brings unparalleled news and entertainment programming and services to Southwest Pennsylvania. Align your brand with 90.5 WESA, NPR, PRI and BBC, names that are synonymous with quality and excellence, and reinforce your commitment to our region.

90.5 WESA delivers the highest concentration of educated, affluent and influential citizens in the Pittsburgh market. Our listeners are your clients, customers, patrons and employees. Tap the power of public radio, and reach an unparalleled audience with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Make an Impact

In public radio’s uncluttered, commercial-free environment, only
a few minutes of each broadcast hour are devoted to credits and program promotion. Credits are exclusive, with only one local industry represented in a particular program, so your message stands out. That’s the positive impact of public radio over commercial radio.

  • Reach Beyond Radio

In addition to on-air recognition, 90.5 WESA underwriters and business partners are linked to WESA.FM, our NPR-fueled website that provides up-to-the-minute local, national and global news and information as well as information on events happening throughout our region.

  • Support the Southwestern Pennsylvania Community

90.5 WESA listeners know that corporate supporters help to keep the station on the air. Invest in your community, and take an additional step in building a relationship with your community. We offer a variety of opportunities that can be customized to give you the greatest impact with your audience.

Learn about our copy guidelines and the nuances of underwriting with Underwriting 101.

Read our Code of Ethics & Editorial Guidelines regarding funding and coverage here.

Contact our Director of Corporate Support, Dorothy Frank, at 412-697-2929 for more information.