Corrections and Clarifications Policy

It is the policy of 90.5 WESA to promptly correct all errors of fact and promptly clarify ambiguous statements on air and online. We strive to broadcast and publish information as quickly as possible, however the accuracy of our news reports is paramount. 

If a substantial error is brought to our attention within 12 hours of a story first being aired, a correction will be announced immediately. If the error is found at a later time, a correction will be announced the next time the program in which the story was originally aired is broadcast.

When notified of an error online, we will be transparent in our corrections and clarifications, noting how any updated version of a corrected story has been changed.

Our mission is to work for the public to inform people in ways that engage and inspire them to create dialog about community issues and stories. We believe correcting factual errors is an integral part of that mission.

If you hear a mistake on air or read one online, please let us know by emailing or by calling our newsroom at (412)315-6760.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our News Director Mark Nootbaar at (412) 697-2953.