Speeding Tickets http://wesa.fm en House GOP Drops Speeding Ticket Surcharge Idea http://wesa.fm/post/house-gop-drops-speeding-ticket-surcharge-idea <p>An effort to slap a $100 surcharge on speeding tickets to help fund mass transit in Pennsylvania looks to be dead in the water, as one House member said Wednesday.<br><br>The proposal is part of a $2.5 billion plan to fund roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure that has passed in the Senate. The surcharge revenue would be specifically routed for public transportation.<br> Thu, 20 Jun 2013 16:09:28 +0000 Mary Wilson 11796 at http://wesa.fm Speeding Ticket Surcharge May Be On Chopping Block http://wesa.fm/post/speeding-ticket-surcharge-may-be-chopping-block <p>State lawmakers may take issue with making speeding tickets cost any more than they already do.<br><br>A proposal to tack a $100 surcharge on moving violations was the subject of questions at a Wednesday House Transportation Committee hearing on the $2.5 billion transportation funding proposal.<br><br>The revenue generated from the surcharge would be slated for mass transit, and with a number of rural House lawmakers already balking at funding mass transit systems, the proposal might be one of the least popular items in a bill full of unpalatable revenue generators.<br> Thu, 13 Jun 2013 13:45:00 +0000 Mary Wilson 11349 at http://wesa.fm