Pittsburgh Today http://wesa.fm en Report: Pittsburgh Region Saw Job Growth Last Year, But Manufacturing Still a Concern http://wesa.fm/post/report-pittsburgh-region-saw-job-growth-last-year-manufacturing-still-concern <p>After seeing no appreciable job growth in the Pittsburgh metro area more than a year ago, the region added 10,700 jobs between June 2013 and June 2014, according to a report from Pittsburgh Today.</p><p>“That’s a 0.9 percent increase, which doesn’t set the world on fire, but Pittsburgh has always been kind of a slow and steady grower,” said Doug Heuck, Pittsburgh Today director. “But it’s good news that we’re back growing jobs again.”</p> Mon, 21 Jul 2014 07:30:00 +0000 Deanna Garcia 32849 at http://wesa.fm Pittsburgh's Cost of Living Below the 'Average' City http://wesa.fm/post/pittsburghs-cost-living-below-average-city <p>More young people are moving to Pittsburgh while fewer are leaving, and Doug Heuck, the director of Pittsburgh TODAY, thinks this could be because of the region’s cost of living.</p><p>The nonprofit research organization found that in the first quarter of 2014, Pittsburgh’s cost of living was the third lowest among 14 peer cities – St. Louis and Charlotte had the lowest cost of living figures.</p> Fri, 18 Jul 2014 14:50:08 +0000 Jessica Nath 32780 at http://wesa.fm Pittsburgh's Cost of Living Below the 'Average' City Pittsburgh Region Saw Flat Job Growth in 2013 http://wesa.fm/post/pittsburgh-region-saw-flat-job-growth-2013 <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Preliminary jobs numbers released this week by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show virtually flat job growth for the Pittsburgh region in 2013, adding just 400 jobs for the year.</span></p><p>Pittsburgh TODAY, a nonprofit research organization housed at the University of Pittsburgh, <a href="http://www.pittsburghtoday.org/view_economy_job_growth_view1.html">compared the seven-county Pittsburgh region to other similar metropolitan areas</a> across the Midwest and East Coast, and found that the Steel City fared worst in terms of job growth.</p> Tue, 18 Mar 2014 15:30:09 +0000 Liz Reid 26050 at http://wesa.fm Pittsburgh Region Saw Flat Job Growth in 2013 Transportation & Immigration Lack in Pittsburgh, According to Regional Report http://wesa.fm/post/transportation-immigration-lack-pittsburgh-according-regional-report <p>Compared to geographically similar cities around the country, Pittsburgh surfaces as a highly innovative city with some complex demographic problems.</p><p><a href="http://www.pittsburghtoday.org/">Pittsburgh Today</a> Director Doug Heuck and his team <a href="http://www.pittsburghtoday.org/specialreports/PghTodayTomorrow2014.pdf">studied </a>the makeup of benchmark regions like Milwaukee, Detroit and Richmond and found that Pittsburgh has numerable encouraging qualities, but lacks many important elements some residents find essential to city life.</p><p> Tue, 04 Mar 2014 22:23:39 +0000 Essential Pittsburgh 25332 at http://wesa.fm Transportation & Immigration Lack in Pittsburgh, According to Regional Report Study Shows Pittsburgh Region Strong on Arts and Culture Spending http://wesa.fm/post/study-shows-pittsburgh-region-strong-arts-and-culture-spending <p>Allegheny County was one of 182 regions examined in the Americans for the Arts’ Arts and Economic Prosperity IV project.</p><p>When looking at cities of comparable size that were also in the study including Columbus, Ohio, San Diego&nbsp; and Indianapolis, Pittsburgh came out on top with expenditures topping $686 million in 2010. But, the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council said the impact is even greater and stretches beyond just arts and culture.</p> Mon, 03 Mar 2014 12:45:40 +0000 Deanna Garcia 24803 at http://wesa.fm Can The Steel City Be Sustainable? http://wesa.fm/post/can-steel-city-be-sustainable <p>It’s no secret that Pittsburgh’s made a comeback.</p><p>What was once one of the most polluted and economically strained cities in the country, now ranks 4<sup>th</sup> in number of green buildings and 5<sup>th</sup> in average annual pay compared to the 14 other benchmark regions, according to <a href="http://www.pittsburghtoday.org/ThePathtoSustainability.html">the analytical organization Pittsburgh Today</a>.</p> Mon, 27 Jan 2014 08:30:00 +0000 Michael Lynch 23174 at http://wesa.fm Pittsburgh Weekly Wages Increase http://wesa.fm/post/pittsburgh-weekly-wages-increase <p>Good news for Pittsburghers: more people are joining the workforce and they’re getting paid more.</p><p>At a 1.3 percent growth, Pittsburgh had the second highest increase of weekly wages compared to the same quarter last year, only behind Cincinnati, which had a 1.4 percent growth.</p><p>This is according to Pittsburgh Today, a regional analytical organization that compares the city to 14 benchmark areas around the country with categories ranging from arts and environment to government and economy.</p> Mon, 07 Oct 2013 07:30:00 +0000 Jessica Nath 17533 at http://wesa.fm Pittsburgh Weekly Wages Up, But Increase Could Be Short-Lived http://wesa.fm/post/pittsburgh-weekly-wages-increase-could-be-short-lived <p>Pittsburghers' average weekly wages are up, but slow job growth this year could make it short-lived.</p><p>According to <a href="http://www.pittsburghtoday.org/home.html">Pittsburgh Today</a>, a regional analytical organization, the <a href="http://www.pittsburghtoday.org/view_AverageWeeklyWagesMSA.html">average weekly wages</a> in Pittsburgh increased by 3.5 percent in 2012, the second largest increase year-over-year behind Cincinnati, which had a 3.8 percent increase.</p> Mon, 01 Jul 2013 21:06:51 +0000 Michael Lynch 12399 at http://wesa.fm