Wild Hogs http://wesa.fm en Law Saves Boar Hunts, Knocks Back State Agency http://wesa.fm/post/law-saves-boar-hunts-knocks-back-state-agency <p>So-called "canned hunts" of wild hogs aren't coming to an end in Pennsylvania, due to a new state law signed by the governor last month.<br><br>You might say state lawmakers came to the rescue of the roughly 20 wild boar hunting preserves in Pennsylvania — they passed a law taking away the state Game Commission's regulatory authority over the animals.<br><br>The agency had been trying to establish a statewide prohibition of feral swine, which have been known to rip up wild habitats and farmland and have been difficult to eradicate after they escape fenced-in preserves.<br> Wed, 10 Jul 2013 11:28:41 +0000 Mary Wilson 12841 at http://wesa.fm