Phase 4 en Phase 4 Learning Centers Serve As Last Chance High Schools <p><a href="">Phase 4 Learning Centers</a> are often referred to as last chance high schools by many, but to Phase 4’s founder, Terrie Suica Reed, it’s also their best chance for many troubled students to find success in their high school careers.</p><p>Though many students who come into her program come from broken homes or are even homeless, Reed stands firm in her belief that “with the right support, the right network, they can do anything they want to do.” Tue, 20 Aug 2013 20:33:28 +0000 John Lavanga 15154 at Phase 4 Learning Centers Serve As Last Chance High Schools Alternative School Offers Deeper Connection with Teachers and Mentors for At-Risk Kids <p>Phase 4 Learning has been referred to by some of its students as the "last chance high school,” but the head of the 6-12 school prefers to think of it as a “best chance school” for success of their students.</p><p>Terri Suica Reed created the school to help reach students who may be having trouble in traditional schools.</p><p>“The formula is pretty simple, but yet it’s complex as well," Reed said. "It’s all about relationships. Everything about life is about relationships. You build relationships with people and we do that with our students.”</p> Tue, 20 Aug 2013 19:50:37 +0000 Deanna Garcia 15153 at