Steeler Bar en Black & Gold Devotion and the Steeler Fan Diaspora <p>For Steelers fans living outside the city, it isn’t hard to find a nearby <a href="">Steelers bar</a>. But with more than 700 in the United States, Pittsburgh devotees can connect across the country to cheer on the iconic football franchise.</p><p>This diaspora of fans grew out of the economic decline of the 1970s and '80s when many Pittsburghers had to leave the city to find jobs.</p><p>But as PRX reporter <a href="">Lauren Ober</a> observes, “You can leave Pittsburgh, but the black and gold never leaves you.”</p><p><strong>Black and Gold Religion </strong></p><p>From wrapping newborns in Terrible Towels to black and gold wedding cakes, Steelers fans are notorious for their <a href="">passionate devotion</a>. Thu, 05 Sep 2013 20:26:02 +0000 Katie Blackley 16051 at Black & Gold Devotion and the Steeler Fan Diaspora