Children's Health Insurance Program en Pittsburgh Awarded $200K To Provide Children With Health Insurance <p>Pittsburgh was awarded $200,000 to insure children in the city through Healthy Together.</p><p>The money was granted from the National League of Cities and was given to eight cities that showed a quality and feasible business plan to increase access to healthcare. Cities could receive up to $260,000 for their efforts. &nbsp;</p> Mon, 14 Jul 2014 20:29:39 +0000 Jess Lasky 32598 at Casey Calls on Lawmakers to Extend Funding for Children’s Health Insurance <p>Approximately 271,000 Pennsylvania children have health care coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and millions are covered nationwide.</p><p>U.S. Sen. Bob Casey is calling on his fellow lawmakers to extend funding for the program through fiscal year 2019.</p><p>“The basic problem we’ve got is the program is authorized through fiscal year 2019, but not funded,” said Casey. “We can’t say that we’re doing what we should be doing for children if we don’t match the funding with the authorization.</p> Thu, 19 Jun 2014 20:15:17 +0000 Deanna Garcia 31217 at Children's Health Insurance Coverage Up Nationwide, But PA Rates Stagnant <p>A new <a href="">report</a> from Georgetown University finds that nationwide, the rate for uninsured children continues to decline, even as most Americans perceive that the rate is on the rise.</p><p>“As of 2012 it was just over 7 percent nationwide without coverage,” said Joan Alker, executive director of the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families. “That is certainly still too many, but in fact that’s a historically low number.”</p> Mon, 25 Nov 2013 20:00:49 +0000 Deanna Garcia 20366 at Corbett Wraps Up 'Healthy Pennsylvania' Tour in Pittsburgh, Touts CHIP <p>Gov. Tom Corbett has been traveling the state, raising awareness of Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).</p><p>As part of the push to get all Pennsylvania children enrolled in CHIP, the governor is convening a Healthy Pennsylvania Summit in the spring and continues his effort to overhaul the state’s Medicaid program. Included in the 2013-14 budget is $8.5 million for enrollment and outreach efforts for CHIP.</p> Thu, 19 Sep 2013 20:56:57 +0000 Deanna Garcia 16827 at