Revenge Porn en PA Revenge Porn Ban Leaves Advocates Skeptical <p>A national advocacy group is calling Pennsylvania’s new anti-revenge porn law inadequate.</p><p>Revenge porn refers to nude or sexual images shared without permission of the person pictured. It has been called “intimate partner harassment” by state lawmakers, but legal experts say it might be more broadly called “non-consensual porn” – something that isn’t restricted to spurned lovers posting photos of ex-girlfriends online.</p> Mon, 28 Jul 2014 07:27:00 +0000 Mary Wilson 33285 at Does Legislation Combating Revenge Porn Go Far Enough? <p>A bill to punish revenge porn has been passed by the Pennsylvania Senate. <a href="">How big a problem is this issue</a> and could the Commonwealth’s bill be a model for other states to follow?</p><p>City Paper reporter Charlie Deitch, investigated the topic for <a href="">this week's cover story</a>. He spoke with Holly Jacobs for the article. She's a revenge porn victim and founder of the organization <a href="">End Revenge Porn</a>.</p><p>The new legislation gives victims retribution for the initial posting of graphic imagery, but Deitch says this legislation is not enough. Fri, 14 Feb 2014 22:01:03 +0000 Essential Pittsburgh 24445 at Does Legislation Combating Revenge Porn Go Far Enough? Revenge Porn Bill Faces Uncertain Future in PA House <p>The chairman of a state House committee says he’d like to move a proposal this spring to criminalize what’s been called "revenge porn."<br /><br />The measure would make it a crime to post nude images of someone online with intent to harass the person pictured.<br /><br />It has passed in the Senate, though its sponsor, Democratic Sen. Judy Schwank of Berks County, said she’s not sure how speedily the bill could advance in the House.<br /> Mon, 03 Feb 2014 12:45:24 +0000 Mary Wilson 23799 at State Lawmaker Seeks to Outlaw 'Revenge Porn' <p>State lawmakers are already considering efforts to tamp down bullying online, but one Democrat wants to quash a very particular kind of harassment.<br /><br />Sexually explicit photos or videos that are posted without the consent of the person they feature have become known as &ldquo;revenge porn.&rdquo;<br /><br />It&rsquo;s illegal in New Jersey and was just banned in California.<br /><br />Sen. Judy Schwank of Berks County said she&rsquo;s talked to people whose reputations, job opportunities and safety has been affected by material their ex-spouses or ex-lovers posted online. Fri, 04 Oct 2013 13:21:16 +0000 Mary Wilson 17624 at