Local Goodness http://wesa.fm en Late Summer Fairs and Festivals with Local Goodness http://wesa.fm/post/late-summer-fairs-and-festivals-local-goodness <p>Summer is beginning to draw to a close, and for most there are only a few chances left to get out there and enjoy all of its offerings -- especially the area’s lovely fresh produce.</p><p>According to Rhonda Schuldt of <a href="http://www.localgoodness.com">Local Goodness</a>, there are a dearth of food festivals and fairs that are sure to satisfy anyone still eager to explore the local food scene. Chief among these events are the amazing array of food festivals, including the Laurel Highlands Garlic Festival this weekend, which she calls “a nice day trip away from Pittsburgh.” the festival boasts hundreds of varieties of garlic which will intrigue any foodie with an affinity for the pungent plant. Thu, 15 Aug 2013 18:39:27 +0000 John Lavanga 14930 at http://wesa.fm Late Summer Fairs and Festivals with Local Goodness Shady Side Academy Farm: Planting Seeds of Sustainabilty http://wesa.fm/post/shady-side-academy-farm-planting-seeds-sustainabilty <p>Three years ago an administrator at Shady Side Academy noticed there was no market near the school’s location in Fox Chapel.&nbsp; This motivated the school to host a <a href="http://www.shadysideacademy.org/page.cfm?p=8575">Farmer’s Market</a>.&nbsp;</p><p>Two years later, stemming from the school’s commitment to sustainability, the <a href="http://www.shadysideacademy.org/page.cfm?p=11274">Shady Side Academy Farm</a> was planted.</p><p>The farm is managed primarily by students and is successfully integrated into the school’s curriculum. <a href="http://localgoodness.com/Local_Goodness/Home.html">Rhonda Schuldt of Local Goodness </a>explains the roles that students play in the farm and the market.</p><p> Fri, 02 Aug 2013 22:12:04 +0000 Katherine Blackley 14204 at http://wesa.fm Shady Side Academy Farm: Planting Seeds of Sustainabilty Local Goodness: Roadtrip for Ripe Cherries and Erie Beaches http://wesa.fm/post/local-goodness-roadtrip-ripe-cherries-and-erie-beaches <p>Nestled in the northern edge of Erie County is a region of rich and fertile farmland slowly becoming recognized for grape growing, vineyards and a seasonal favorite: cherries. <a href="http://www.localgoodness.com/Local_Goodness/Home.html"><strong>Rhonda Schuldt of Local Goodness</strong></a> suggests some favorite destinations in Erie, PA including local diners, beaches and fruit farms.</p><p> Fri, 12 Jul 2013 20:13:43 +0000 Katherine Blackley 13026 at http://wesa.fm Local Goodness: Roadtrip for Ripe Cherries and Erie Beaches Enon Valley Farm's Garlic Scapes http://wesa.fm/post/enon-valley-farms-garlic-scapes <p></p><div>Rhonda Schuldt, food writer for <a href="http://www.LocalGoodness.com">LocalGoodness.com</a> has a little known seasonal item from her local market. Garlic scapes. Find out about the family behind <a href="http://www.enonvalleygarlic.com">Enon Valley Farm</a>'s garlic scapes.&nbsp;</div><div> Thu, 20 Jun 2013 12:01:00 +0000 Katherine Blackley 11745 at http://wesa.fm Enon Valley Farm's Garlic Scapes Local Goodness: Farmers Market Season http://wesa.fm/post/local-goodness-farmers-market-season <p></p><p>Does this week's summer-like weather put you in the mood for some fresh corn or warm, sun rippened tomatoes? How about a tote bag full of cukes and zukes? While these foods aren't quite ready at the local farm, we are definitely headed into outdoor farmers market season.</p><p>Food contributor <strong>Rhonda Schuldt</strong> stops in to talk about what to expect from <a href="http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/life/food/your-guide-to-the-regions-130-farmers-markets-636915/">Pittsburgh's many farmers markets</a>. Thu, 23 May 2013 21:45:28 +0000 Heather McClain 10105 at http://wesa.fm Local Goodness: Farmers Market Season Local Goodness: Maple Syrup Season is Here http://wesa.fm/post/local-goodness-maple-syrup-season-here <div class="field-item even"><p>When one thinks of pure maple syrup, Vermont often comes to mind. However, Pennsylvania's maple season is also highly anticipated for those with a sweet tooth. Our local food contributor <a href="http://www.LocalGoodness.com"><strong>Rhonda Schuldt</strong></a> shares some maple syrup cooking tips and talks about the abundance of local festivals.</p><p><strong>Celebrate Maple Season at a local festival:</strong></p><p>March 16 &amp; 17 - 10th Annual <a href="http://pamaple.org/tour.html">NW Pennsylvania Maple Association Taste &amp; Tour Weekend</a> in the Erie area&nbsp;</p><p>March 16, 17, 20-24 - 66th Annual <a href="http://www.pamaplefestival.com">PA Maple Festival</a> in Somerset, PA&nbsp;</p><p>April 6 &amp; 7 - The <a href="http://beavercountyconservationdistrict.org/sub.asp?page=%7B8187C377-E472-47D2-82B2-034E5AF24625%7D&amp;subpage=%7BCC6C0CC2-3CE5-43CB-9395-FD5FB3375D2F%7D">Beaver County Maple Syrup Festival</a> at Brady's Run Park in Beaver, PA</p></div><p> Fri, 08 Mar 2013 02:00:00 +0000 Heather McClain 2089 at http://wesa.fm Local Goodness: Maple Syrup Season is Here