Pittsburgh School Board http://wesa.fm en Pittsburgh Board Votes To Sell 2 Vacant Schools http://wesa.fm/post/pittsburgh-board-votes-sell-2-vacant-schools <p>The Pittsburgh school board has voted 8-1 to sell two vacant schools in order to raise money for the cash-starved district.</p><p>Board members decided Wednesday to sell the Madison School in the city's Hill District to Schenley Heights Community Development program for $65,000.</p><p>The board also voted to sell Burgwin School in Hazelwood for $475,000 to the Hazelwood Initiative for use as a Propel charter school and for community programs.</p><p>Both schools were closed in 2006.</p><p>In 2012, the school district a real estate company to evaluate vacant school buildings.</p> Thu, 27 Mar 2014 15:41:49 +0000 The Associated Press 26574 at http://wesa.fm Pittsburgh Public Education Advocacy Group Recruiting 'School Board Watchdogs' http://wesa.fm/post/pittsburgh-public-education-advocacy-group-recruiting-school-board-watchdogs <p>The Pittsburgh Public School Board has four new members, the largest turnover for the group since 1999.</p><p>A+ Schools is calling on the public to help keep the board accountable. The public education advocacy group is seeking volunteers for the Board Watch Program.</p><p>“We think it’s important that the public is aware of what’s happening, what kinds of decisions the board is making and the manner in which they’re making them,” said A+ Schools Executive Director Carey Harris.</p> Mon, 02 Dec 2013 21:28:46 +0000 Deanna Garcia 20686 at http://wesa.fm Pittsburgh School Board Gets Four New Members http://wesa.fm/post/pittsburgh-school-board-gets-four-new-members <p>Thanks to a series of retirements, the Pittsburgh Public School Board now has four new members — the highest turnover for the board in 14 years. The new members are excited and optimistic about the future of the district, though all say they’re expecting a tough job.</p><p>Sylvia Wilson is taking over the seat vacated by one-term board member Sharene Shealy. Wilson recently retired as assistant to the president of the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers and wants to see change in the district.</p> Wed, 06 Nov 2013 05:12:24 +0000 Deanna Garcia 19335 at http://wesa.fm Outgoing Pittsburgh School Board Members Hopeful about District’s Future http://wesa.fm/post/outgoing-pittsburgh-school-board-members-hopeful-about-district-s-future <p></p><p></p><p>After Election Day, the Pittsburgh Public School Board will experience its largest turnover since 1999. Four members, including the longest-serving, decided not to seek re-election and will be done after the group’s final November meeting.</p><p>Jean Fink has been on the school board since 1976 – with a one-term break in there somewhere. The District 7 member says her reason for not seeking reelection is simple.</p><p>“I’m tired” said Fink. “I just turned 69 a couple of weeks ago and it’s just wearing on me all the running around.”</p> Fri, 01 Nov 2013 07:33:00 +0000 Deanna Garcia 19064 at http://wesa.fm Outgoing Pittsburgh School Board Members Hopeful about District’s Future