AMTRAK en Deal Reached with Amtrak To Keep The Pennsylvanian Rolling <p>Amtrak service between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg might not be derailed after all.</p><p>The Corbett administration announced Thursday that an agreement has been reached with Amtrak on a new funding plan that will maintain rail passenger service between Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia.</p><p>Under the revised agreement with Amtrak, Pennsylvania will provide $3.8 million a year to maintain the service featuring one train a day in each direction between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. The through service continues to and from Philadelphia and New York City.</p> Thu, 21 Mar 2013 21:53:47 +0000 Kevin Gavin 5057 at Policy Group Tells State to Evaluate Subsidizing AMTRAK <div class="field-item even"><p> A local public policy group is asking the commonwealth to ask some hard questions before subsidizing AMTRAK's ride from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg on a train called <em>The Pennsylvanian</em>.&nbsp;</p><p class="p2">The passenger rail train service has lost some federal funds, and is now looking to Pennsylvania for $5.7&nbsp;million.</p> Mon, 11 Mar 2013 14:29:27 +0000 Emily Farah 2481 at Policy Group Tells State to Evaluate Subsidizing AMTRAK