Bill Peduto en Peduto and Staff to Participate in Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' Forum Thursday <p>From pension plans to Act 47 and dog parks to bike lanes – many Pittsburghers have questions about the future of the city and Mayor Bill Peduto and his staff hope to have the answers.</p><p>That’s why he is taking to popular social media forum Reddit Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. for the city’s first “Mayor’s Night On(line).”</p><p>Peduto has used Reddit in the past to connect to the community – especially while campaigning – but this is the first time he’s done so as mayor, and this time he’s doing it differently.</p> Wed, 16 Jul 2014 16:04:09 +0000 Jessica Nath 32714 at Pittsburgh Awarded $200K To Provide Children With Health Insurance <p>Pittsburgh was awarded $200,000 to insure children in the city through Healthy Together.</p><p>The money was granted from the National League of Cities and was given to eight cities that showed a quality and feasible business plan to increase access to healthcare. Cities could receive up to $260,000 for their efforts. &nbsp;</p> Mon, 14 Jul 2014 20:29:39 +0000 Jess Lasky 32598 at Lyft and Uber Await Answer From PUC for Temporary Licenses <p>Mayor Bill Peduto lifted his cell phone up, showing the Lyft and Uber apps on his screen.</p><p>“I don’t drive them, but I use them,” Peduto said. “I’ve used them both in the city of Pittsburgh and also in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. It’s very easy to use.”</p> Thu, 10 Jul 2014 23:20:16 +0000 Jessica Nath 32425 at Lyft and Uber Await Answer From PUC for Temporary Licenses Peduto Discusses the Ongoing Search for a New Police Chief <p>When it comes to selecting Pittsburgh’s new chief of police, Mayor Bill Peduto believes: “Haste in this situation would be at the greater loss of true reform.”</p><p>Peduto spoke to <em>Essential Pittsburgh’s</em> Paul Guggenheimer Wednesday about the process of hiring a new police chief.</p><p>Former police chief Nate Harper resigned his position February 2013 while under investigation for creating an unauthorized slush fund, diverting public money and failing to pay income taxes – charges that ultimately led him to a sentence of 18 months in prison.</p><p>Assistant Chief Regina Harper has been serving as interim chief.</p><p>However, the application process for a new chief only began a month ago. Peduto said that while <a href="">Talent City </a>works to find the best candidate in terms of professional qualifications, he is looking to residents to help with the hiring process.</p><p>Throughout the summer, the Public Safety councils in Pittsburgh’s six policing zones have been holding forums to hear input from residents about what they want in a chief of police. Wed, 09 Jul 2014 21:18:57 +0000 Jessica Nath 32334 at Peduto Discusses the Ongoing Search for a New Police Chief Mayor Peduto Touts Alternative Transportation & Calls Ride-Share Dispute "Dysfunctional" <p>Right now, most Pittsburghers use their car to get around, but that may change in the near future. First of all, the city lacks sufficient parking, especially downtown. But new transportation options backed by the mayor will make it easier to get around “tahn” without owning a car. Mayor Peduto stopped by Essential Pittsburgh to focus on the city’s transportation goals going forward.</p><p>The most immediate issue the mayor has been dealing with was the <a href="">Uber/Lyft dispute</a>. Peduto said he is behind the two ride sharing companies and calls the ongoing dispute with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission "dysfunctional." Wed, 09 Jul 2014 20:42:24 +0000 Essential Pittsburgh 32331 at Mayor Peduto Touts Alternative Transportation & Calls Ride-Share Dispute "Dysfunctional" Larimer Awarded $30 Million Grant for Redevelopment <p>After years of competing, Larimer has finally won a $30 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to move forward with redevelopment plans.</p><p>The announcement was made Monday by Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Commissioner and Assistant HUD Secretary Carol Galante at the Kingsley Center.</p><p>“This is really big,” U.S. Representative Michael Doyle (D - PA - 14) said. “We were up against 43 other communities all across the United States of America, this was a serious competition.”</p> Mon, 30 Jun 2014 20:02:43 +0000 Jessica Nath 31827 at Larimer Awarded $30 Million Grant for Redevelopment Peduto Issues Executive Order Aimed At Keeping Better Track Of Expenditures <p>Though he’s in Denmark for the week, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has issued an executive order which is meant to help city finance managers better keep track of where and how money is being spent.</p><p>“Effective immediately, and until further notice, all explanatory departmental expenditures, those are expenditures under $2,000, other than those that are done pursuant to an approved contract, must be pre-approved by OMB,” said Kevin Acklin, the mayor’s chief of staff.</p> Mon, 23 Jun 2014 19:37:25 +0000 Deanna Garcia 31417 at Use Of Force During Gay Pride Arrest Investigated <p>A Pittsburgh police officer has been put on desk duty after video surfaced showing him punching a woman at the city's gay pride parade and festival.<br /><br />Mayor Bill Peduto said Monday the officer will remain on restricted duty for a month during an internal investigation.<br /><br />The officer, Souroth Chatterji, says he was trying to break up a fight when he grabbed the woman by the head and punched her in the side so he could handcuff and arrest her. He accuses her of fighting with him and kicking him in the groin.<br /> Mon, 16 Jun 2014 15:46:19 +0000 The Associated Press 30995 at Mayor Bill Peduto on Act 47 & Selecting a New Police Chief <p></p><p>In the past decade, Pittsburgh has accomplished much: <a href="">East Liberty</a> was revitalized, the river fronts were beautified, and it's received many accolades from the press, including the United States’ <a href="">most liveable city</a>. Through all of this, however, the city was in a precarious financial position.</p><p>For 10 years Pittsburgh has been under <a href="">Act 47</a> oversight for distressed municipalities. For all its improvements, the city has yet to implement a comprehensive financial management system to address legacy costs of debt, pensions, post retirement benefits, workers compensation along with a financially viable long-term capital plan.</p><p>Mayor Bill Peduto asked Gov. Tom Corbett in January to keep Pittsburgh under Act 47 state oversight for financially distressed municipalities, saying that while city finances have improved, more economic reforms are needed.</p><p>Last week the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority, one of two oversight boards for Pittsburgh, called for the city to reduce services by 20 percent. Peduto responded to this while explaining how difficult it has been to get the city’s finances in order. Wed, 11 Jun 2014 20:38:27 +0000 Essential Pittsburgh 30743 at Mayor Bill Peduto on Act 47 & Selecting a New Police Chief Stephen Bucar Takes Helm Of Revamped Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety <p>Pittsburgh’s new acting public safety director started work this week with former Public Safety Director Michael Huss staying on for the transition. Stephan Bucar was most recently a supervisory special agent section chief in the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, he will now head the city’s Department of Public Safety.</p> Tue, 10 Jun 2014 17:53:36 +0000 Deanna Garcia 30664 at Stephen Bucar Takes Helm Of Revamped Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety Peduto Hosts Roundtable On Maker Movement <p>President Barack Obama wants some advice from Pittsburgh’s “maker” community.</p><p>That’s why Mayor Bill Peduto hosted a roundtable Monday afternoon to discuss the achievements and future of the city's “Maker Movement,” which refers to using tools such as 3D printers and computer-aided designs to build everything from circuitry to jewelry.</p> Mon, 09 Jun 2014 21:55:32 +0000 Jessica Nath 30626 at ICA Recommends Hefty Slash To City Budget; Peduto Pushes Back <p>Days after the Act 47 Recovery Coordinators <a href="">submitted</a> their <a href=",_Articles,_Commentary/Commentary/City%20of%20Pittsburgh%20-%202014%20Amended%20Recovery%20Plan.pdf">166-page plan</a> to the city for review, the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority, or ICA, put in their two cents.</p> Wed, 04 Jun 2014 19:13:32 +0000 Liz Reid 30373 at How Neighborhoods Are Using New Tools In The Fight Against Old Blight <p>Like many older industrial cities, the Pittsburgh region has its share of blight. According to the most recent data from the 2010 census, there are more than 50,000 vacant houses in Allegheny County.</p><p>For more than a century, federal, state and city governments have tried to address the issue. Today, a new generation of tools is being used in attempts to clean up blighted neighborhoods.</p> Fri, 30 May 2014 10:55:01 +0000 Larkin Page-Jacobs 30057 at How Neighborhoods Are Using New Tools In The Fight Against Old Blight Peduto Launches Initiative To Attract More Immigrants <p>Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto announced Wednesday the creation of Welcoming Pittsburgh, an initiative aimed at attracting and retaining immigrants in order to advance the city.</p><p>In the late 19<sup>th</sup> and early 20<sup>th</sup> centuries, people flocked to the city from all over the world to work in the steel mills and factories. The Pittsburgh of today was built by the immigrants of the past. One century later, Pittsburgh has lost much of its population and the city is feeling the effects.</p> Wed, 28 May 2014 17:46:21 +0000 Michael Lynch 29990 at Two Historic Buildings Downtown To Be Renovated <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Two more historic buildings in Pittsburgh’s downtown are set to be restored to their original grandeur. </span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Mayor Bill </span>Peduto<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> announced the restoration of the so-called Skinny Building and the Roberts Jewelers building, both on Wood Street and Forbes Avenue.</span></p> Thu, 22 May 2014 20:19:12 +0000 Irina Zhorov 29679 at Two Historic Buildings Downtown To Be Renovated Peduto Unveils New Volunteer Cleanup Crew <p>Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto on Thursday unveiled the city’s new volunteer litter cleanup program “Beautify Our ‘Burgh.”</p><p>According to Peduto, the program is completely volunteer run and allows residents and local government to work together to clean up the streets.</p><p>“It’s about doing the small things neighborhood-by-neighborhood, block-by-block, street-by-street and then working from that as a building block to make this city beautiful,” he said.</p><p>More than 2,000 people, who have collected a combined 15 tons of litter, have already volunteered to be part of the program.</p> Thu, 15 May 2014 19:51:49 +0000 Michael Lynch 29283 at City Partners With Social Networking Site To Connect Neighborhoods Online <p>The city of Pittsburgh entered into a partnership Thursday with the <a href="">social networking site Nextdoor</a>, which allows users to connect with others in their city or neighborhood through private websites.</p><p>The site has been in the Pittsburgh area for more than two years and is represented in 67 neighborhoods, according to Sarah Leary, co-founder of the San Francisco-based company.</p><p>With the partnership, city officials will now have the ability to use the site to relay information to the entire city or specific neighborhoods, Leary said.</p> Thu, 15 May 2014 19:34:43 +0000 Michael Lynch 29279 at Peduto Talks About Cleaning Up the City From Top to Bottom, Using Outside Ideas <p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Mayor Bill </span>Peduto<span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">announced Wednesday that FBI Special Agent Stephen A. </span>Bucar<span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;will be&nbsp;</span><a href="" style="line-height: 1.5;"><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Pittsburgh's</span></a><span style="line-height: 1.5;"><a href="">&nbsp;new public safety director</a>.</span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">He said Bucar brings experience with emergency preparedness, counter terrorism, along with local police experience at the state and municipal levels. And while Bucar has personal ties to this region, he comes from outside Pittsburgh city government.&nbsp;</span></p><p><span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Georgia, Times, serif; font-size: 15px; line-height: 22px;">“What Bucar gives us is an opportunity to start new,” Peduto said. “We have a lot of work to do to clean up city government, and it starts at the top."</span></p><p><strong><span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Georgia, Times, serif; font-size: 15px; line-height: 22px;">Bringing an Outside Approach to City Government and City Development</span></strong></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">From Chicago, to Washington D.C., to </span>Ludwigsburg<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> Germany, since Bill </span>Peduto<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> was sworn in as mayor he’s done some pretty extensive traveling in order to gather and share ideas for a new Pittsburgh vision.</span></p><p> Wed, 14 May 2014 22:08:07 +0000 Essential Pittsburgh 29204 at Peduto Talks About Cleaning Up the City From Top to Bottom, Using Outside Ideas FBI Agent Selected As Pittsburgh Public Safety Chief <p>Mayor Bill Peduto announced Wednesday that he has chosen FBI Special Agent Stephen A. Bucar as the city's new public safety director.</p><p>Bucar is currently assigned to the Washington, D.C. FBI office as a Supervisory Special Agent Section Chief in the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. Peduto points out that Bucar has experience overseeing the analysis of information associated with domestic and international terrorism at both the federal level and for New York City.</p> Wed, 14 May 2014 16:01:25 +0000 Mark Nootbaar 29208 at Peduto: City's Financial Situation Is 'Grim But Solvable' <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">“It’s not going to be easy.”</span></p><p>That was Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto’s primary message to City Council and the public Tuesday morning, as he shared details of the Steel City’s dire financial situation and challenged his colleagues in city government to help find solutions.</p><p>The address coincides with Tuesday night’s public hearing on the city’s financially distressed status, an event organized by Act 47 coordinators.</p> Tue, 13 May 2014 17:20:42 +0000 Liz Reid 29145 at Peduto: City's Financial Situation Is 'Grim But Solvable' Peduto Talks Sustainable Development in Germany <p>“It’s not a sales pitch ‘Come to Pittsburgh, we’ve got a place for you,’” said Mayor Bill Peduto about his four-day trip to Germany.</p><p>Peduto is meeting with his counterpart from Ludwigsburg as well as other government officials and business executives from across that country.</p><p>He said it’s more about finding commonalities on major issues around sustainability and technology.&nbsp;</p> Thu, 08 May 2014 17:56:34 +0000 Kevin Gavin 28893 at Peduto, Fitzgerald Request Removal Of August Wilson Center Receiver <p>Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald have asked for the removal of Judith Fitzgerald (no relation) as receiver of the bankrupt August Wilson Center for African American Culture. &nbsp;</p><p>The mayor and county executive sent a letter Tuesday to Lawrence O’Toole, the administrative judge of Orphans’ Court to remove Fitzgerald.</p> Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:16:59 +0000 Kevin Gavin 27991 at Live Well: National Health and Wellness Program Launches in Allegheny County <p>When he was sworn into office in January, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto tipped the scales at 240, the heaviest he’s ever been. Since then he’s dropped 12 pounds and has pledged to lose another 38 as a part of the Live Well initiative that he launched today alongside Allegheny County executive Rich Fitzgerald</p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">According to Mayor </span>Peduto’s<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> non-profit and faith based manager Betty Cruz, Mayor </span>Peduto’s<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> shows how passionate the Mayor’s office is about this program.</span></p> Wed, 16 Apr 2014 19:33:08 +0000 Haldan Kirsch 27671 at For Peduto, Better Government Means Open Government <p></p><p><em><strong>Peduto's 100 Days:</strong> Wednesday marks Mayor Bill Peduto’s 100th day in office, so we’re introducing an occasional series looking at the new administration’s progress toward promises made by candidate Peduto.</em></p><p align="center"><strong><em>* * *</em></strong></p><p>When Mayor Bill Peduto was a City Councilman representing District 8, he went back to school to get a master’s degree in public policy and management.</p> Wed, 16 Apr 2014 11:27:48 +0000 Liz Reid 27616 at For Peduto, Better Government Means Open Government Sen Teplitz: Get Out and Stay Out of Act 47 <p>Act 47 was introduced by the Pennsylvania state legislature in 1987 as a means of helping financially distressed cities recover and avoid bankruptcy. 27 years later, several municipalities that were placed under Act 47 oversight have never rebounded.</p><p>State Senator Rob Teplitz (D – Dauphin) hopes stronger legislation would help these municipalities have their distressed status removed, while at the same time preventing other municipalities from entering Act 47.</p> Mon, 14 Apr 2014 19:26:51 +0000 Haldan Kirsch 27552 at