Tim Murphy http://wesa.fm en Mental Healthcare Overhaul Would Give Family and Caregivers More Say in Treatment http://wesa.fm/post/mental-healthcare-overhaul-would-give-family-and-caregivers-more-say-treatment <p></p><p>U.S. Rep.Tim Murphy, R-Upper St. Clair, <a href="http://wesa.fm/post/rep-murphy-introduces-bill-overhaul-federal-mental-health-system">recently proposed legislation</a> to overhaul the nation's mental health care system.</p><p>He wants to increase accessibility to care while expanding the use of involuntary treatment. This would better allow family members and caregivers to intervene in cases involving the severely mentally ill.</p><p>The bill, called the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act has received mixed reviews. Last Thursday the House Energy and Commerce health subcommittee heard testimony on the legislation.</p><p>Congressman Murphy said there are roughly 10 million people in the US who suffer from severe mental illness and about half of them are not even aware that they have a problem.&nbsp;</p><p> Mon, 07 Apr 2014 18:12:25 +0000 Essential Pittsburgh 27150 at http://wesa.fm Mental Healthcare Overhaul Would Give Family and Caregivers More Say in Treatment Rep. Murphy Introduces Bill to Overhaul Federal Mental Health System http://wesa.fm/post/rep-murphy-introduces-bill-overhaul-federal-mental-health-system <p>The federal government spends around $125 billion on mental health annually, but the ways in which that money is spent are ineffective and antiquated, according to U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy (R<span style="line-height: 1.5;">-Allegheny).</span></p> Tue, 01 Apr 2014 15:18:45 +0000 Liz Reid 26763 at http://wesa.fm Rep. Doyle: Bill to Restore Military Pensions Pits Veterans Against Seniors http://wesa.fm/post/rep-doyle-bill-restore-military-pensions-pits-veterans-against-seniors <p>United States Congressman Mike Doyle (D-Allegheny) said in a statement Wednesday that he is disappointed with the passage of a bill to restore cuts in early military retirees’ cost of living adjustments.</p><p>Doyle said he is in favor of restoring the $6 billion in cuts, which were the result of a bipartisan budget deal reached in December, but that it shouldn’t have been achieved by extending the Medicare sequester for an additional two years, beginning in 2024.</p> Thu, 13 Feb 2014 12:50:23 +0000 Liz Reid 24346 at http://wesa.fm Local Reaction to State of the Union Mixed http://wesa.fm/post/local-reaction-state-union-mixed <p>Reaction from southwestern Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address has unsurprisingly been mixed.</p><p>Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA 18) was pleased to hear the president say that he wanted to work with Congress but was a bit concerned with his willingness to “go it alone.” The president spoke of using executive orders to make progress on pet projects as diverse as encouraging the increase of minimum wage to creating a new retirement savings option for working Americans.</p> Wed, 29 Jan 2014 16:25:17 +0000 Mark Nootbaar 23544 at http://wesa.fm One Year After Sandyhook, Mental Health Overhaul Offered http://wesa.fm/post/one-year-after-sandyhook-mental-health-overhaul-offered <p>The shootings and Sandyhook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. focused the nation’s attention on mental health care but now that the tragedy is a year behind us, debate on the subject has waned.</p><p>However, U.S. Congressman Tim Murphy (PA-18) is hoping to throw it back into the spotlight with a bill he is calling the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. Wed, 18 Dec 2013 21:10:46 +0000 Mark Nootbaar 21611 at http://wesa.fm One Year After Sandyhook, Mental Health Overhaul Offered Rep. Murphy, Coal Leaders Point to Federal Standards as "Job Killers" http://wesa.fm/post/rep-murphy-coal-leaders-point-federal-standards-job-killers <p>Coal advocates, union leaders, and tradesmen were joined by U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy (PA-R-18) in the Allegheny County Courthouse’s courtyard to denounce new standards on carbon emissions for power plants.</p><p>Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) &nbsp;proposed new rules to cut carbon emissions for all future coal-fired power plants. &nbsp;Regulations on current plants have not been released yet.</p> Mon, 28 Oct 2013 18:50:04 +0000 Tim Camerato 18863 at http://wesa.fm Rep. Murphy, Coal Leaders Point to Federal Standards as "Job Killers" Legionnaires' Hearing Will Explore Regulation, Bonuses, Prevention http://wesa.fm/post/legionnaires-hearing-will-explore-regulation-bonuses-prevention <p>The U.S. House Committee on Veterans Affairs Monday will hold its second hearing on the 2011 Legionnaires' disease outbreak. The outbreak killed at least five patients and sickened 21 at Pittsburgh’s Veterans Affairs hospitals.</p><p>The hearing will take place in the Allegheny County Courthouse downtown and will be attended by committee members, other members of Congress, VA officials and relatives of those killed from Legionnaires'.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 09 Sep 2013 07:30:00 +0000 Tim Camerato 16106 at http://wesa.fm Congressman Murphy Wants Veterans Affairs to Rescind PA Staff Bonuses http://wesa.fm/post/congressman-murphy-wants-veterans-affairs-rescind-pa-staff-bonuses <p>Republican U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy wants Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shineski to rescind more than $100,000 in bonuses given to VA leaders in the wake of a Legionnaire's disease outbreak at Pittsburgh's Veterans Affairs hospitals.</p><p>At least five patients died and 21 were sickened from water that wasn't properly treated between February 2011 and November. The family of a sixth veteran who died last year claim in a lawsuit that he was a victim, too, and Murphy included his name among the victims in Thursday's letter to Shineski, asking that the bonuses be rescinded.</p> Fri, 09 Aug 2013 13:28:36 +0000 The Associated Press 14580 at http://wesa.fm Congressman Murphy: VA System Needs to Rebuild Trust in Wake of Legionella Admission http://wesa.fm/post/congressman-murphy-va-system-needs-rebuild-trust-wake-legionella-admission <p>Officials with the VA Pittsburgh Health System have revealed that about 10 veterans may have been sickened by Legionella bacteria several years before a larger outbreak that began in 2011.</p><p>That has been blamed for five deaths, and at least 16 people were infected in 2011 and 2012. Since that time investigations have found lax reporting of Legionella bacteria in the system and other issues. Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA-18) said trust has been a major issue between the VA system and its veterans.</p> Wed, 03 Jul 2013 18:50:13 +0000 Deanna Garcia 12515 at http://wesa.fm Reporting Cases of Infectious Diseases in VA Hospitals http://wesa.fm/post/reporting-cases-infectious-diseases-va-hospitals <p></p><p></p><p>Congressman <a href="http://murphy.house.gov/">Tim Murphy</a> is working with the <a href="http://veterans.house.gov/">House Veterans Affairs Committee </a>to pass legislation requiring veterans' hospitals to report cases of infectious diseases to state and local public health agencies. Thu, 20 Jun 2013 23:46:17 +0000 Marcus Charleston 11828 at http://wesa.fm Reporting Cases of Infectious Diseases in VA Hospitals More Lawmakers Call on VA to Address Infectious Disease Disclosures http://wesa.fm/post/more-lawmakers-call-va-address-infectious-disease-disclosures <p>Several members of Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation are calling on the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System to put in place new written guidelines outlining duties and responsibilities for infectious disease control.</p><p>This follows a <a href="http://wesa.fm/post/investigation-reveals-failures-pittsburgh-va-hospital-legionnaires-outbreak">scathing report</a> from the VA Office of the Inspector General, which found that the VA Pittsburgh Health System failed to follow its own rules during an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease that left five veterans dead from early 2011 to late 2012.</p> Tue, 30 Apr 2013 19:00:27 +0000 Deanna Garcia 8743 at http://wesa.fm Community Forums Examine Mental Health, Early Intervention in PA and Beyond http://wesa.fm/post/community-forums-examine-mental-health-early-intervention-pa-and-beyond <p>In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the focus has turned, in part, to the mental health system throughout the country.</p><p>The conversation brought Congressman Tim Murphy to southwestern Pennsylvania for a pair of community forums on the topic. Dr. Abigail Schlesinger is the Medical Director of Developmental and Behavioral Services for Children’s Hospital and was a panel member.</p><p>Schlesinger said such forums are essential in keeping the dialogue on mental health going.</p> Wed, 03 Apr 2013 10:27:53 +0000 Deanna Garcia 7198 at http://wesa.fm PA Reps. Murphy, Doyle Optimistic about Future of 911th Airlift Wing http://wesa.fm/post/pa-reps-murphy-doyle-optimistic-about-future-911th-airlift-wing <p>Less than one week after the Air Force announced it would not be closing the 911<sup>th</sup> Airlift Wing in Moon Township, elected officials met to look toward the future.</p><p>Pennsylvania Representatives Tim Murphy (R-PA-18) and Mike Doyle (D-PA-14) were active in the fight to keep the base open because of its cost saving for the military, among other things.</p> Mon, 18 Mar 2013 20:05:18 +0000 Deanna Garcia 3520 at http://wesa.fm PA Reps. Murphy, Doyle Optimistic about Future of 911th Airlift Wing 911th Airlift Wing Will Not Be Closed, Will Remain at Full Strength http://wesa.fm/post/911th-airlift-wing-will-not-be-closed-will-remain-full-strength <div class="field-item even"><p>The United States Air Force has announced it will not close the 911th Airlift Wing in Moon Township. The base had been slated for closure as cost saving measure, but federal, state, and local officials have been involved in a year-long fight to keep it&nbsp;open.</p><p>“All eight planes will remain, the 911th will remain at full strength, and also the 171st Air Refueling Wing will also remain at full strength with 16 planes. All in all, it’s great news for the region,” said Congressman Tim Murphy (PA-18).</p> Wed, 13 Mar 2013 16:55:20 +0000 Deanna Garcia 2933 at http://wesa.fm 911th Airlift Wing Will Not Be Closed, Will Remain at Full Strength Rep. Murphy To Participate In National Forum On Mental Illness http://wesa.fm/post/rep-murphy-participate-national-forum-mental-illness <div class="field-item even"><p>The Newtown school shooting brought the long-discussed issue of gun control to the forefront of national politics. But that tragedy also raised another concern—how mental illness is regarded across the&nbsp;country.</p><p>As part of an ongoing congressional review of the shooting, the House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a forum Tuesday focusing on severe mental illness and gun&nbsp;violence.</p> Mon, 04 Mar 2013 15:01:52 +0000 Mark Nootbaar 1947 at http://wesa.fm New Military Medal Causing Controversy http://wesa.fm/post/new-military-medal-causing-controversy <p>For the first time since 1944, the U.S. military has a new medal to award—the Distinguished Warfare&nbsp;Medal.</p><p>But the ranking of that medal has some members of Congress&nbsp;concerned.</p><p>U.S. Representatives Tim Murphy (R-PA-18), a U.S. Navy Reservist, Duncan Hunter (R-CA), a Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan,&nbsp; and Tom Rooney (R-FL), a veteran of the U.S. Army, have introduced legislation prohibiting the Department of Defense from rating the Distinguished Warfare Medal equal to or higher than the Purple&nbsp;Heart.</p> Sun, 03 Mar 2013 14:00:00 +0000 Jared Adkins 1950 at http://wesa.fm