higher education http://wesa.fm en Pittsburgh Promise Grows Closer To Its Goal http://wesa.fm/post/pittsburgh-promise-grows-closer-its-goal <p>Since 2008, the Pittsburgh Promise made a pledge to pay for the higher education of city high school residents, and this past week it reached the 70 percent mark in raising the money it needs.</p><p>But to continue the program for the next 30 years the organization would have to raise $250 million, and so far it has collected $173 million.</p> Mon, 14 Apr 2014 23:12:00 +0000 Jess Lasky 27429 at http://wesa.fm Is MyPath 101 a New Path to Success? http://wesa.fm/post/mypath-101-new-path-success <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">According to the Princeton Review fifty percent of college students change their major at least once. A Pittsburgh company has developed an app called </span><a href="http://mypath101.com/" style="line-height: 1.5;">MyPath101</a><span style="line-height: 1.5;"> to help students graduate on time.</span></p><p><a href="http://www.rachelgogos.com/" style="line-height: 1.5;">Rachel Gogos</a><span style="line-height: 1.5;">, CEO of </span>MyPath101<span style="line-height: 1.5;">, described the app in 3 parts.</span></p><p> Mon, 14 Apr 2014 21:22:16 +0000 Essential Pittsburgh 27536 at http://wesa.fm Is MyPath 101 a New Path to Success? State Chancellor Has A Perfect Storm of Problems in PA Higher Education http://wesa.fm/post/state-chancellor-has-perfect-storm-problems-pa-higher-education <p>Declining Enrollments, stagnant state support, and tuition issues are just some of the problems the <a href="http://www.passhe.edu/">Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education</a> (PASSHE) is facing this year. <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Brogan">Frank Brogan</a> is Chancellor of the PASSHE and is trying to lead the organization to solutions for these many problems.</p><p>“The prime mission laid out in law for the PASSHE schools, as the system was created about 30 years ago, was to dedicate itself to being the most affordable system of public higher education in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We continue to be that but as you might imagine, costs going up, it continues to become more and more difficult to maintain that kind of a status.” Thu, 06 Mar 2014 21:09:19 +0000 Essential Pittsburgh 25425 at http://wesa.fm State Chancellor Has A Perfect Storm of Problems in PA Higher Education The Innovation Practice Institute Innovates Law School Education http://wesa.fm/post/innovation-practice-institute-innovates-law-school-education <p>As our technology evolves and the economy becomes increasingly entrepreneurial, the role of the lawyer and law school is changing.</p><p>Stephanie Dangel, Executive Director of the&nbsp;<a href="http://www.law.pitt.edu/ipi">Innovation Practice Institute </a>says with the changing economy, 40% of lawyers are not currently practicing law, and 30% of students in law school do not intend to be lawyers. Fri, 17 Jan 2014 21:48:50 +0000 Essential Pittsburgh 22997 at http://wesa.fm The Innovation Practice Institute Innovates Law School Education PA Dems Disparage Corbett's Record on Higher Education Funding http://wesa.fm/post/pa-dems-disparage-corbetts-record-higher-education-funding <p>As Governor Tom Corbett gears up for the release of his 2014-15 budget proposal next month, Pennsylvania Democrats are disparaging cuts to higher education over the course of his tenure.</p><p>Total state spending on state-related higher education institutions dropped by 18% in 2011-12, and <a href="http://wesa.fm/post/corbett-flat-fund-pa-higher-education">funding has remained flat</a> since then.</p> Mon, 13 Jan 2014 20:34:56 +0000 Liz Reid 22773 at http://wesa.fm Experimenting With New Ways To Do College http://wesa.fm/post/experimenting-new-ways-do-college <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">The <a href="http://saxifrageschool.org/">Saxifrage School </a>describes itself as a higher education laboratory, experimenting with new ways to do college. </span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">By operating through underutilized spaces in the Pittsburgh community as a sort of "nomadic campus," they hope to model ways to lower tuition costs and increase higher <a href="https://medium.com/the-saxifrage-school/a80ff2795ee9">education transparency</a>. </span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">The school recently completed its first year of courses and Founder and Director, Timothy Freeman Cook, shares what they've learned about the challenges and benefits to this approach. </span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">He says they've offered classes in carpentry, organic agriculture, web development and graphic design- and each class holds unique challenges, but parallels the school’s goal.&nbsp;</span></p><p> Mon, 06 Jan 2014 19:25:28 +0000 Katherine Blackley 22408 at http://wesa.fm Experimenting With New Ways To Do College New GED Exam Puts Students and Educators to the Test http://wesa.fm/post/new-ged-exam-puts-students-and-educators-test <p>The stereotypes about adults seeking GED certification can be ugly and simplistic. But the reality is that many lack a high school diploma for reasons largely outside their control: health problems, family issues and immigration status, just to name a few.</p><p>Some, like Rebekah&nbsp;Petrakovits, were home-schooled without proper oversight from school officials who were supposed to monitor their progress.</p> Wed, 18 Dec 2013 12:03:49 +0000 Josh Raulerson 21493 at http://wesa.fm New GED Exam Puts Students and Educators to the Test What Would the Pennsylvania Dream Act Mean for PA? http://wesa.fm/post/what-would-pennsylvania-dream-act-mean-pa <p>At best estimate, tens of thousands of children of undocumented immigrants live in our state today. The <a href="http://paimmigrant.org/programs/immigration-reform/dream-act">Pennsylvania Dream Act</a>&nbsp; would give children of undocumented immigrants who have attended high school in the state, an opportunity to apply for admission to state owned colleges and universities, or related universities, at in-state rates.</p><p>The Dream Act bill is led by Pennsylvania State Senator <a href="http://www.senatorsmucker.com/">Lloyd Smucker</a>, a Republican who says, “This is not a partisan issue this is about, what is the right thing to do for this group of kids.” Tue, 29 Oct 2013 19:36:34 +0000 Nick Frost 18909 at http://wesa.fm What Would the Pennsylvania Dream Act Mean for PA? Study Shows Education Grows Economies http://wesa.fm/post/study-shows-education-grows-economies <p>Not only is state investment in education beneficial to students, but also it can help regions grow their economies, according to a new <a href="http://www.epi.org/publication/states-education-productivity-growth-foundations/">study </a>by the Economic Analysis Research Network (EARN), a coalition of national and state think tanks.</p><p>The study followed state wage increases and productivity growth from 1979 to 2012. It found that high-wage states have a more educated workforce, and states can build those workforces through expanded access to low-cost two- and four-year colleges.</p> Mon, 26 Aug 2013 18:29:55 +0000 Tim Camerato 15468 at http://wesa.fm Florida Ex-Lt. Governor to Lead PA University System http://wesa.fm/post/florida-ex-lt-governor-lead-pa-university-system <p>Frank T. Brogan, a higher-education executive and former Florida lieutenant governor, was picked Wednesday to be the next chancellor of Pennsylvania's 14-university State System of Higher Education.<br><br>The system's board of governors unanimously selected Brogan, a Republican who was Florida's lieutenant governor from 1999-2003 under then-Gov. Jeb Bush and chancellor of the State University System of Florida since 2009.<br> Wed, 07 Aug 2013 17:13:40 +0000 The Associated Press 14447 at http://wesa.fm Lawmakers Urge Open Records Reforms for State-Related Universities http://wesa.fm/post/lawmakers-urge-open-records-reforms-state-related-universities <div id="leadership_content"><p>Pennsylvania's state-related universities have received mostly flat funding from the commonwealth for the second year running. With the struggle for their state aid long settled, some lawmakers are noting a tangential issue has been overshadowed: the level of transparency at the schools.</p> Wed, 03 Jul 2013 11:38:36 +0000 Mary Wilson 12488 at http://wesa.fm Undocumented Students Urge State Lawmakers to Grant Them In-State Tuition http://wesa.fm/post/undocumented-students-urge-state-lawmakers-grant-them-state-tuition <p>Undocumented students gathered at the state Capitol Tuesday to urge lawmakers to grant them in-state tuition at Pennsylvania’s 18 state-owned and state-supported universities, citing their struggles to advance their education after high school without the same help afforded their peers.<br><br>Carina Ambartsoumian, 25, said her parents came to the United States from the former Soviet Union in 1993, fleeing religious persecution and hoping to attain refugee status. She said her family’s papers were not recognized by the newly independent Ukraine after the Soviet Union dissolved.<br> Tue, 19 Mar 2013 20:31:51 +0000 Mary Wilson 4111 at http://wesa.fm