U.S. Supreme Court http://wesa.fm en U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Local Challenge of Federal Contraception Mandate http://wesa.fm/post/us-supreme-court-hear-local-challenge-federal-contraception-mandate <p>A Lancaster County-based company is one of two family-owned businesses taking on the so-called “contraception mandate” in the federal Affordable Care Act. Oral arguments are set to begin Tuesday morning in the U.S. Supreme Court.<br /><br />One of the central questions in this case is whether for-profit corporations exercise religious beliefs, and can therefore claim a religious exemption to a law.<br /> Mon, 24 Mar 2014 21:18:22 +0000 Mary Wilson 26403 at http://wesa.fm The U.S. Supreme Court's New Term http://wesa.fm/post/us-supreme-courts-new-term <p>Although this new <a href="http://www.supremecourt.gov/">Supreme Court</a> session may not feature blockbuster cases such as DOMA, Proposition 8 and &quot;Obama Care,&quot; the court will be revisiting important cases dealing with campaign finance, abortion and affirmative action. Mon, 14 Oct 2013 19:23:58 +0000 Katie Martin 18112 at http://wesa.fm The U.S. Supreme Court's New Term The U.S. Constitution 224 Years Later: Why it Endures http://wesa.fm/post/us-constitution-224-years-later-why-it-endures <p>Some people underestimate just how influential the <a href="http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution.html">Constitution of the United States</a> has been to the world.</p><p>Constitution Day is <a href="http://www.constitutionday.cc/">September 17</a> and the US Constitution remains the key document used in deciding important Supreme Court cases. But University of Pittsburgh law professor, David Harris notes that the Justices have very different views on how the Constitution should be read. Mon, 16 Sep 2013 21:12:55 +0000 Nick Frost 16641 at http://wesa.fm The U.S. Constitution 224 Years Later: Why it Endures Thursday June, 27th 2013 Supreme Court Decision on the Defense of Marriage Act http://wesa.fm/post/thursday-june-27th-2013-supreme-court-decision-defense-marriage-act <p><em><strong>These topics air Thursday in the noon hour on 90.5 WESA</strong></em></p><p><strong>Supreme Court Decides on Same-Sex Marriage</strong><br>Across the country people have been awaiting the Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act. Yesterday, the court handed down a landmark decision striking down the 1996 California law blocking federal recognition of gay marriage. The court is also allowing gay marriage to resume in California by declining to decide a separate case. Joining us to discuss these landmark decisions is <strong>Anthony Infanti</strong> professor of law and associate dean for academic affairs in the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and <strong>Gary Van Horn</strong>, President of the Delta Foundation.</p><p><br> Thu, 27 Jun 2013 00:17:51 +0000 Heather McClain 12160 at http://wesa.fm Thursday June, 27th 2013 Supreme Court Decision on the Defense of Marriage Act Portion of Liberty Avenue to Close as Crowd Awaits Supreme Court Rulings on LGBT Issues http://wesa.fm/post/portion-liberty-avenue-close-crowd-awaits-supreme-court-rulings-lgbt-issues <p>As of earlier Tuesday afternoon, more than 300 people on Facebook said they are heading downtown Wednesday morning to catch live coverage of the Supreme Court’s rulings on DOMA and Prop 8 — two cases involving same-sex marriage.</p><p>Delta Foundation organizers are expecting an even larger crowd downtown.</p><p>“Liberty Avenue will be shut down to vehicle traffic between 9<sup>th</sup> and 10<sup>th</sup> because we’re expecting so many people,” said Christine Bryan with the Delta Foundation. “We’ll have a large television set up, and a stage and various speakers.”</p> Tue, 25 Jun 2013 18:03:50 +0000 Deanna Garcia 12065 at http://wesa.fm SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas Visits Duquesne University http://wesa.fm/post/scotus-justice-clarence-thomas-visits-duquesne-university <p>U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spoke at Duquesne University Tuesday afternoon on topics ranging from his childhood in segregated Georgia to his 22-year tenure on the nation's highest court.</p><p>Thomas is the only black justice to serve on the Supreme Court after Thurgood Marshall. Thomas filled Marshall's vacated position on the bench.</p><p>Born in Pin Point, Ga. in 1948, Thomas said he grew up in a poor black community, but he was pushed toward academic success by his grandfather and the nuns at his Catholic school.</p> Wed, 10 Apr 2013 01:25:00 +0000 Noah Brode 7575 at http://wesa.fm