Media Sponsorship

90.5 WESA is proud to support nonprofit events happening in our broadcast region. We support a variety of performing and visual arts organizations, educational and cultural events that reflect 90.5 WESA's mission. 

90.5 WESA has a limited amount of on-air availability for media sponsorship consideration. Only applications submitted two months prior to an event will be considered. If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to complete the information below to submit a proposal.

Our process in accessing requests takes the following into consideration:

- Media Partnerships are contracted AT LEAST 2 months in advance. Please allow enough advance time for your submission.

- Other sponsors included events will NOT be included in 90.5 WESA promotion.

- Organization must acknowledge 90.5 WESA as media sponsor on all marketing materials and website.

Please email the information below for consideration. Please allow at least two weeks for review and a 90.5 WESA representative will get back to you.

Name of event:
Name of organization:
Date of event:
Time of event:
Location of event:
Short description of event:

Include Logo or graphic (jpg), if applicable