Podcast with 90.5 WESA's Hatch


So you want to tell a story. You have a sound, an idea, a format you think will work. Maybe you need help with the technical side. Do analytics matter? (Yes.) How important is sound quality? (Very.) What equipment do you need? (Less than you might think.) How should you share it online? (Glad you asked.)

Let the Pittsburgh Community Broadcast Corporation be your guide.

Producers at WESA and its sister station WYEP want to help support content creators through the process of developing and launching an original podcast through Hatch, a community-sourced podcast incubator built on the public radio model.

Hatch is an in-house storytelling platform built to amplify the voices of local producers -- both professional and undiscovered talent from the community -- to develop projects under the WESA and WYEP brands. Where appropriate, episodes will be available for traditional broadcast, but not dependent on it. All series and podcasts will also live in a multimedia-rich digital space and cross-promote network shows.

Want to pitch us? Email us here with answers to the questions below and check out our growing family of shows, Criminal Injustice, Social Club and Nanograms.