1 Sickened by Legionnaire's at Pittsburgh Building

Apr 15, 2013

The Allegheny County Health Department says one person has been treated for Legionnaire's disease-related pneumonia at a Pittsburgh senior-citizens apartment building.

Officials at York Commons say crews have flushed water lines, shower head and faucets with hot water meant to kill the bacteria that health department officials have determined sickened an unidentified female resident last month.

That woman was hospitalized and diagnosed with pneumonia caused by the bacteria on March 22, and the health department found "low levels" of the bacteria in tests the following week.

A spokeswoman for the apartment building, Lisa Fischetti, says the resident has recovered and returned home.

Health Department Acting Director Ronald Voorhees says it's "certainly probable" the woman was sickened by her apartment water, even though tests to compare the bacteria in the water and that found the woman haven't been done.

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