Best of the World Pittsburgh Partnership

Mar 9, 2012

Among cities such as Belfast and London, a National Geographic Traveler article named Pittsburgh one of the 20 must-see places to visit in 2012, making it the only city in the United States to have the title.

Craig Davis, Vice President at VisitPittsburgh, explains why National Geographic picked Pittsburgh for the award.

"Our economy is so strong right now, we are a birthplace of a number of successful renaissance initiatives, also because our employment is high," Davis said.

That's not all. Davis adds that films shot in the area, like Batman: Dark Knight Rises, contributed to Pittsburgh's appeal.

"[National Geographic editors] said a really big factor is the fact that we're becoming 'Hollywood of the east,'" Davis said.

To take advantage of that designation, arts and cultural organizations and businesses are partnering with state and local government leaders to focus on what is "world best" about Pittsburgh through the "Best of the World Pittsburgh Partnership." From now until October, the Best of the World initiative makes Pittsburgh home to various summits and gatherings in order to increase Pittsburgh visits and boost the city's economic status.

The first of the events will be the National Society of Black Engineers Convention, beginning on March 28, 2012.

As part of the initiative, Governor Tom Corbett will lead a delegation of Pennsylvania business leaders to France and German on a development mission to help businesses in those countries imagine their opportunities in Pittsburgh and the commonwealth. France and Germany combined are the leaders in direct foreign investment in Pennsylvania.

The Best of the World Pittsburgh Partnership website includes a complete list of events.