Black and White Reunion Combats Racism

Jan 16, 2012

The 14th Annual Summit Against Racism, hosted by the Black & White Reunion at the East Liberty Presbyterian Church on January 21, 2012, carries the goal of empowering individuals to fight the battle against racism.

Event organizer Tim Stevens said that a wide variety of topics will be covered in the workshops, from strategies for building Occupy Pittsburgh's racial justice network, to stopping police brutality and demanding police accountability, to the overall image of women, as well as creating a culture of peace, just to name a few.

The event is open to all races, ethnicities, and financial backgrounds. "We want everyone to attend. We don't want the dollar bill to be a discouragement for the opportunity to empower oneself in the first month of the year," Stevens said.

The East Liberty Presbyterian Church has "never wavered" from hosting the event and not only gives the Black and White Reunion the space free of charge, but also gives a donation.

Stevens thinks it is extremely symbolic to hold the event the Saturday following Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He also enjoys the event being held at this time of year with everyone's New Year's Resolutions and quests of new beginnings still fresh in their minds. "People frequently say this is how they get started for the year: their commitment to social change, their commitment to human rights, their commitment to civil rights," Stevens said.

For more information you can visit the Black and White Reunion's website.