The Business of Gluten Free

Feb 25, 2014

Rebecca Harris and Paul Guggenheimer
Rebecca Harris and Paul Guggenheimer
Credit Gregory Kallenberg

One of the newest food trends in recent years is an increase in gluten-free products. From grocers' shelves to bakeries, you're finding them everywhere. Contributor Rebecca Harris looks at gluten free products in this week's business segment.

The market for gluten-free is growing, and it took second place in Time Magazine’s top ten food trends in 2012.

The Girl Scouts have introduced a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie, and many people are just avoiding gluten in general.

Many brand names like General Mills have jumped on board, offering gluten-free cookie dough, pizza crust and other products.

Local Pittsburgh spots have been involved as well.

Gluuteny is a local gluten-free bakery in Squirrel Hill, offering baked goods that are both gluten-free and vegan friendly.

PNC Park opened Just4U, a concession stand that offers gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian products ranging from hot dogs to grilled cheese to beer.