Corbett Administration Launches Prescription Drug Take-Back Program

Dec 16, 2013

The Corbett administration has announced a medication drug take-back program, calling on Pennsylvanians to dump their old prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs in one of the scores of receptacles at police stations across the commonwealth.

Law enforcement and medical professionals say the abuse of prescriptions has led to a surge in the use of drugs like heroin.

Gov. Tom Corbett says getting rid of drugs that sit in medicine cabinets for years brings down the chances that they’ll end up in the hands of people who may misuse them.

"Get rid of your unused medication," he said. "Get it out of the house. Take it to some place, one of these boxes, so it can be safely, conveniently disposed of, and help secure a healthier Pennsylvania.

A federal grant has allowed for the purchase of up to 250 “MedReturn” plastic blue boxes. Receptacles have already been installed in 29 counties and will be under 24-hour surveillance.