Corbett Has Spent $1.7 Million on TV Ads Since the Primary

Jul 24, 2014

Gov. Tom Corbett and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf.
Credit Pennsylvania National Guard, Tom Wolf via Flickr

Gov. Tom Corbett, trailing opponent Tom Wolf by 20 to 25 points in the polls, has poured $1.66 million into television ads blanketing the state in July, according to FCC reports.

That’s more than one-third of the $4.8 million in campaign funds Corbett had left over from the primary.

A Franklin & Marshall College poll of registered voters in late June showed Corbett, a Republican, trailing Democrat Wolf 47 percent to 25 percent.

Wolf has spent no money on ads this month.

Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin & Marshall poll, said the reason for the deluge of Corbett’s ads is simple: “There’s relatively little time for the Corbett campaign, as I put it, to change the narrative of this election.”

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