Corbett Mum on Presidential Pick

Mar 13, 2012

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's longtime political advisor has been named to lead the Pennsylvania ground game for Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

However, Corbett himself hasn't made any endorsements yet.

Brian Nutt ran Corbett's campaigns for Attorney General and governor. Rick Santorum's campaign has tapped Brian Nutt to be the Pennsylvania state campaign director, but Corbett says that doesn't affect his presidential pick in the slightest.

"Do not read anything into that, OK? Is that plain and simple? Don't try to read between the lines," said Corbett. "It has nothing to do with it."

Nutt works for the Brabender Cox political firm, which is helping run Santorum's campaign this year.

The governor says he may not make his presidential preference known before the primary, though he plans to play a role in the race at some point.

"I will certainly be active once we have the nominee convention and thereafter," said Corbett. "What role I play before that, before the primary, still remains to be seen. I'm waiting to see some of this play out."

Corbett did issue a warning, though: "never underestimate Rick Santorum."

In the meantime, four members of Pennsylvania's Congressional delegation have endorsed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as their presidential pick.