Ending Street Harassment in Pittsburgh

Dec 6, 2013

The four founders of the Pittsburgh chapter of Hollaback! are (Left to Right) Alison Winters, Akirah Robinson, Heather Dougherty, and Maggie Graham.
Credit Hollaback! Pittsburgh / http://pittsburgh.ihollaback.org/

Street harassment is a public form of sexual harassment that many people have witnessed, experienced, or engaged in.

For the most part, women are told to ignore cat calls and lewd behavior when walking down the street, but what if it happens on a daily basis?

Hollaback is an online initiative that was created in New York City to give people a place to vent or talk about their experiences with public harassment.

Now four Pittsburgh women have formed a local chapter of Hollaback.

One of the founders, Heather Dougherty says, “Every movement has started from a small group of people speaking up and sharing their stories. And what we provide is an outlet for anyone who has ever felt unsafe to speak up and share and be part of the proof that this is real. This exists and Pittsburgh is such an amazing city. If we could create awareness and stop anyone from feeling that they don’t feel safe on our streets, then we have done our job.”

The founders of the local chapter encourages people of all ages and genders to post their experiences, as a bystander or victim, on their new website.