Faith Community Celebrates Hope with 'Prayer 4 Peace March'

Mar 29, 2013

The House of Manna faith community gathered on Friday morning for its fourth annual “Prayer 4 Peace March” in Homewood-Brushton.

The march went through Homewood to the site of the future New Renaissance Center, a $2 million building donated by Dollar Bank that's expected to become a community center.

Spiritual leaders led community residents, city officials and various organizations and businesses to celebrate hope and to declare God’s power in the growing effort to revitalize Homewood-Brushton.

The Rev. Eugene “Freedom” Blackwell of House of Manna, who also serves as the CEO and president of the Homewood Renaissance Association, said he is counting his blessings this holiday season and that the new building is “a sign of hope and a sign of the resurrection to come.”

“So as we have been walking on the streets with the people and standing on the corner and getting to know the everyday people of the community, we have been continually communicating that this building does not belong to Homewood Renaissance, but to the community," Blackwell said. "And the people have been hopeful because they know that it’s theirs, and they see something that they can believe in.”