French Ambassador Talks to Essential Public Radio

Jan 18, 2012

French Ambassador to the United States François Delattre visited the University of Pittsburgh yesterday for an invitation-only breakfast to discuss U.S.–French relations. The briefing was titled "New Opportunities for the Franco-American Partnership and for the Transatlantic Relationship." Following the breakfast, Delattre immediately flew back to Washington, but granted a phone interview from the French Embassy.

Delattre acknowledged his country is suffering severe economic problems as part of the Euro debt crisis, including double digit unemployment. But he said France is looking to American cities like Pittsburgh for inspiration.

"Pittsburgh has shown this ability to reinvent itself," Delattre said. "It has built new enterprises, new high-tech sectors. And in this respect, the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University are able to promote science and scientific research, and do it in partnership with the business world. That is also a source of inspiration for us."

The event was sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh and the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh.