A Holistic Approach to Global Health and Development

Apr 18, 2014

Students working with residents during the medical portion of the brigade
Credit Nicole W. Huang / Global Brigade

Many students flock to the warmer climes of Florida for a week of partying on spring break.

In contrast, many other students use their vacation to help others around the world. Two of those students are Carnegie Mellon sophomore Nicole Huang, and senior Nick Zuniga who volunteer with Global Brigades a global health and development movement.

Nicole says that it’s the goal of the organization to help communities until they aren’t needed anymore. With architecture, business and microfinance sectors, Global Brigades tries to help solve deeper issues so that these communities can thrive on their own.

“I think going into these communities there’s an idea that you’re going in to help but also that they’re welcoming your help as well and that it’s really a partnership that we work with the communities that we help to raise the standard of living,” Nicole said.