Local Reaction to Democratic National Convention

Sep 6, 2012

The chair of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee said she's pleased with the Democratic National Convention taking place in Charlotte this week, although it's "quite different" from the party's 2008 convention.

"It's not only the venue and the geography, but also I think that the number of people that are here -- we have the same amount of delegates, but there may be somewhat less in general population," said ACDC Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills. "But keeping that all in mind, this has been very, very pleasant. Charlotte's been a very good host city."

Mills said she thinks the party has unified at this convention around a message of inclusion, rather than exclusion. She said she expects President Barack Obama to hit on that theme in his speech Thursday.

First Lady Michelle Obama's speech has been the highlight of the convention so far for Mills.

"In my lifetime, and I've watched an awful lot of these conventions, I don't think I've ever seen a First Lady as passionate, intelligent," said Mills. "I think that she has every quality that all women are looking for, and young girls and women are looking to achieve."

The Democratic proceedings will continue in Charlotte through Thursay, when the party is expected to officially re-nominate Mr. Obama as its candidate for President of the United States.