Monday Marks Start of Deer Season in PA

Dec 1, 2013

Some 750,000 hunters will be out and about across the state Monday for the start of deer season.

According to the state Game Commission, the number of hunters has held steady over the past few years.

Spokesman Travis Lau said about 60 percent of the harvest for the entire season is expected to be killed on opening day.

"It’s the most heavily hunted day of the year," he said. "Hunters putting pressure on deer amount to greater deer sightings, more deer sightings throughout the day, more deer harvested throughout the day, and it’s an opportunity that most deer hunters wouldn’t trade anything to miss."

Lau said the deer herd is stable or growing in most parts of Pennsylvania.

The population is shrinking in one region – near Pittsburgh, which Lau said is “by design,” because there’s not much habitat around the city and its suburbs.