National Aviary Opens Condor Court

May 7, 2012

The new outdoor exhibit and education space at the National Aviary on the North Shore is adjacent to the enclosure currently occupied by two Andean condors, huge birds with 10-foot wing spans. Condor Court includes seating, a bubbling fountain, and activity tables stocked with educational materials for children.

Adult talks on condors will also be scheduled.

Aviary Executive Director Patrick Mangus said activities for early learners will illustrate the close relationship between birds and people. "Birds are easy for kids to understand, and they're somewhat ubiquitous, but they often face a lot of environmental pressures. We want to introduce kids to the concepts of nature and environmentalism and conservation. I think birds are very accessible to children, and I think their stories really ring true to kids," said Mangus.

A variety of bird feeders located in Condor Court will attract different native birds, which will be looked for on bird watching walks the Aviary schedules through Allegheny Commons.

Condor Court completes the landscaping of the Aviary's expansion program.