NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour

Sep 24, 2014

We all love NPR, and they have a great podcast that is distinctly non-newsy called The Pop Culture Happy Hour. It's hosted by Linda Holmes, NPR's Pop Culture Editor and writer of the blog, Monkey See.  

What I dig most about this podcast is that it is a roundtable discussion, but you don't feel like an outsider. It's funny and conversational without being distracting with inside jokes and lengthy comments. Catch conversations about the Fall TV season, analyzing the state of Project Runway, a tribute to Robin Williams and more. It's smart, snappy, well-paced and I actually come away with info I can use.

One of my favorite episodes is "Pop Culture Happy Hour: Culture Between The Coasts And Imperfect Fits." Being a mostly lifelong Midwesterner and former resident of Chicago, I am sensitive to us here in "flyover land" and how we tend to get overlooked and stereotyped because the media in America always seem to focus on the coasts. This episode explores how we in the middle have distinct voices and can be talented and funny even if we choose not to have a New York City ZIP code.