Obama Holds on to Upper Hand in PA; Sandy Unlikely a Factor

Oct 31, 2012

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party likes its position in the polls, less than a week before the presidential election.

President Obama is leading Republican Mitt Romney by an average of 4.6 percent in Pennsylvania surveys.

Pennsylvania Democratic Committee Chair Jim Burn said conversations with Philadelphia-area Democrats indicate that the aftermath of superstorm Sandy probably won’t hamper voter turnout in the east.

"We do not believe that is going to be the case in Pennsylvania at all," said Burn. "Of course there have been some residual effects of the storm, but we believe it could have been much worse."

Philadelphia, its "collar counties," and Allegheny County are the main Democratic strongholds of Pennsylvania. Most of the state's central and northern regions are heavily Republican.

The state Democratic Committee Chair noted that the president has a five-point lead over Romney in what he called Pennsylvania's most conservative poll, that of Rasmussen.

Burn said all but a small percentage of voters have decided on a candidate already, so his party is now focusing on getting Democrats out to the polls. President Obama won Pennsylvania's twenty-one electoral votes in 2008 by a margin of 54.7% to 44.3%

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania did not respond to a call for comment.