Parkway West Traffic Ranks Among U.S.'s Worst

May 23, 2012

Even the most "livable" city has its problems. The Parkway West's (I-376) stretch from Green Tree to the Fort Pitt Tunnel is the ninth worst traffic corridor in the nation according to the National INRIX Traffic Scorecard.

Of the 162 corridors INRIX evaluated across the country, Pittsburgh's problem area is the only one outside of New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to make the worst-10 list.

PennDOT spokesperson James Struzzi attributes the morning and evening rush hour congestion to traffic narrowing and slowing down upon entering the Fort Pitt Tunnel as well as weaving coming from the Banksville road on-ramp. He adds there are always alternative routes to take.

"There's a lot of ways from the south and the west to get into the city," Struzzi said. "There are options."

Struzzi said that the problem area is being studied and options to ease the congestion are being explored, but notes there is no funding to address the issue.

"We're in the process of conducting a study to determine if there are any solutions to some of the problems," Struzzi said, "but really the big fix isn't something that is on the table right now."