Patriotic Cabs Provide Jobs for Veterans

Jul 24, 2013

Veteran's Taxi vehicles are all handicap accessible and run on American Natural Gas.
Credit Star Transportation Group

VETaxi is the most patriotic ride on the road. The Pittsburgh-based company owned by Vietnam veteran Robert Delucia hires American military veteran drivers, transports customers in American-built vehicles and uses solely American-sourced fuel.  As a branch of the Star Transportation Group, VETaxi aims to provide jobs to veterans where they are then given the opportunity to own and operate their own cab.

The idea started after Delucia return from deployment and began driving cabs to support his family.  He now owns over 100 taxis and provides fellow veterans with jobs through the Veteran’s Leadership Association, Hiring our Heroes and other similar employment groups. 

“It’s all about patriotism,” Delucia says, adding that he recognizes that some returning servicemen are infantry soldiers that need to immediately start working.  His service usually capitalizes on the shorter, less expensive taxi rides that other services like Yellow Cab typically pass over.

“Every person that I know in the business world has called me up and said, ‘Thanks so much for providing these services.’”