PennDOT's 12-Year Plan Needs Input from Residents

Aug 12, 2012

Pennsylvania residents have a chance to weigh in on what they think the state's transit priorities should be.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will hold a series of statewide public meetings this summer, where citizens can suggest their highway planning ideas.

PennDOT spokesman Steve Chizmar said the public comments will be rolled into the latest biennial update of the state's 12-year Transportation Program. Chizmar said the Transportation Program serves as PennDOT's "blueprint" of what highway projects will be a priority over the next decade.

"Transportation is for the people," said Chizmar. "It's for the citizens of Pennsylvania, and, as such, they need to play a role in what transportation projects are important to them. So I would look to the public to tell us, 'Hey, what makes sense? What do you need? And what projects can we get out there on our 12-year plan?'"

Chizmar said only the projects in the first four years of the Program have definite funding sources; transportation initiatives in the latter years have a less definite chance of materializing.

There are five total public meetings, with the Pittsburgh session being held August 25 at the Marriott Pittsburgh North, tentatively scheduled for 8:30 a.m.

The Transportation Program is overseen by the State Transportation Committee, which includes the PennDOT Secretary, the party leaders of the state House and Senate, and ten citizens appointed by the Governor.

In addition to speaking at the public meetings, Pennsylvanians can also submit written testimony for the 12-year plan by writing to the State Transportation Committee. The deadline for comments is September 30.