Pennsylvania Revenues Up In First Month Of Fiscal Year 2012-13

Aug 2, 2012

In July 2012, Pennsylvania collected $1.8 billion in General Fund revenues, which is up by $124.1 million compared to the previous July.

Allison Roberts, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, said there are several factors contributing to why July 2012 is performing better than July 2011.

"If you look at our motor vehicle sales tax, which is the sales tax collected from the sale of cars and trucks and other motor vehicles, they were 24.4 million dollars up from July 2011," Roberts said.

Sales tax receipts last month totaled $800.5 million, up $56.7 million from July of last year. Additionally, personal income tax in July 2012 was $692.6 million, making it $28.7 million higher than a year ago.

Not everything was up though. Revenue collected on table games at Pennsylvania's casinos was down $1.5 million compared to the first month of the 2011-12 fiscal year. Malt beverages and liquor taxes collected were also slightly lower than July 2011, but Roberts said the amounts are still in the same general area.

Roberts said she couldn't comment on whether or not predictions for this month were on track.

"July is the first month of the fiscal year and so in the month of July, our collection data does not include a comparison against anticipated amounts because revenue estimates for each month are still being finalized," Roberts said. "When we release August collections we'll have comparisons to how we're doing compared to estimates."