Photos: Meet Joe Bonadio, Steep Street Music Man

Feb 10, 2014

Credit Michael Novara

Welcome to a new PublicSource feature, Under the Keystone, that will feature profiles of interesting people throughout the state.

We have an idea that a series of photos and videos of Pennsylvania people might actually help bring the state together and help readers understand what a variety of enthralling and disparate personalities live here.

Take Joe Bonadio, a fascinating Pittsburgher, musician, former golf pro and colorful character who lives with zest at the age of 90. Oh, he also lives on Pittsburgh’s steepest street, which is also one of the steepest in the nation. He was photographed by Michael Novara, a Pittsburgh attorney and photographer.

If you know an interesting character in your area, or you’re a photographer or videographer who would like to profile one of these people, send an email to