Pittsburgh Business Auctions Vandal's Brick That Broke Window

Mar 6, 2013

A Pittsburgh business has auctioned a vandal's brick for more than a thousand dollars.

Dan Rugh says a vandal threw the brick through the window of his printing shop sometime Monday, so he launched a one-day auction Tuesday to pay for the unexpected repairs.

The brick was the prize.

Rugh says the original idea came from frustration, but then numerous people and businesses joined in to ease the pain of the damage.

One woman offered tickets to a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game, a brewery offered a free tour, and restaurants donated gift certificates.

The final $1150 bid for the brick came in at 11:59 p.m. Donations totaled about $1000 more.

The window cost only $425 to fix, so Rugh and his partner say they'll donate the rest to local charities.

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