For This Pittsburgh Football Coach, There's A Passion For The Game

May 25, 2014

Coach Robert "Hutch" Hutchinson conducts drills with his defensive line during Pittsburgh Passion practice at George K. Cupples Stadium on the South Side.
Credit Martha Rial / PublicSource

Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson doesn’t yell or bark like a football coach.

Bulky defenders suited out in black and gold crouch on three points while he sputters a snap count, trying to get them to jump offside.

“Hut. Hut. Go, Joei. Hut.”

With his hefty frame bent low, he’ll mimic a snap, and the defenders power out of their stances.

This is his defensive line.

“Do not tackle the coach,” says Hutch, 60, standing up from his crouch and smirking. “You do not tackle the coach.”

When he straightens his ball cap, it’s not a Steelers cap, but that of the Pittsburgh Passion.

At the George K. Cupples Stadium on Pittsburgh’s South Side, he coaches the defensive line for the full-contact team in the Independent Women’s Football League.

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