Is Pittsburgh an Icon of Healthy Living?

Dec 19, 2013

Affordable living linked to health benefits, including decreased risk of stress-related diseases and better mental health.
Credit Flickr user Jason Pratt

Apparently living a Pittsburgh lifestyle is good for your health.

Well, not if you think that simply means eating pierogies and Primanti's everyday. 

The Huffington Post focused on nine lessons Pittsburgh offers on living well, as part of their Living Well, On Location series.

The factors that might immediately come to mind, like affordable housing, Eds & Meds, and top place to retire rankings, were of course on the list.

But they also factored in Pittsburgh's vibrant sports scene. 

"Waving those Terrible Towels might actually have some health benefits, too...On a whole, fans tend to have a higher self esteem and feel less lonely than their sports-eschewing counterparts, according to CNN -- and Pittsburghers embrace team spirit with the best of them."

And despite poor air quality levels, they found Pittsburgh's abundance of green space to be beneficial.

Also included on the list of lessons is Pittsburgh's ranking as one of the most secure places to live in the US, our placement among the top 5 cities of happy workers and Pittsburgh's ranking as a well-read city.

"Pittsburgh is full of bookworms. According to's third annual ranking of the most well-read cities, released earlier this year, Pittsburgh landed in the top 10...All that reading could boost Pittsburghers' health: Research has linked being a bibliophile with a host of benefits, including decreased stress levels, a sharper brain and even improved empathy."

It's nice to know that all of these "top lists" and rankings reflect some tangible health benefits. What's the best "top ranking" or list you've seen Pittsburgh included on?