Pittsburghers' Input Sought On Cultural Heritage Plan

May 24, 2012

The city is now accepting public comments for PRESERVEPGH, the cultural heritage planning effort. Members of the community are encouraged to leave comments and concerns regarding the draft plan containing preliminary recommendations. The plan will be available online until June 19.

PRESERVEPGH is part of PLANPGH, a 12-component strategy to further cultural growth in Pittsburgh. The program aims to preserve the character of the city and its neighborhoods by developing goals and policies for the conservation, preservation, and protection of all its historic and cultural assets.

The PRESERVEPGH portion is projected to be completed in 2015, but the overall plan will take 25 years. Noor Ismail, Director of City Planning, said although it seems like a long time from now, it is important for Pittsburgh to keep the future in mind.

"Basically, we are looking at 25 years to lay down the foundation for what we want to be in 25 years," Ismail said.

In addition to comments submitted online, there will also be four public meetings held in June [PDF]. They will be free and open for anyone to attend for further opportunities to offer community input.

Ismail said residents have always shown great support for the city and this is another opportunity to get involved.

"Pittsburghers are very proud about their city and that's that intrinsic quality about the city of Pittsburgh that everybody has a way to contribute towards that," Ismail said.

The PRESERVEPGH process began in 2012 and the plan's current recommendations have taken into account interviews with experts, background research and preservation process analysis.