Poll Shows Romney and Obama Neck and Neck in Pennsylvania

Sep 20, 2012

A new survey released by Susquehanna Polling and Research has President Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania by only one percent.  Conducted between September 15th and 17th the poll shows Mr. Obama with 48 percent of the vote compared to Governor Romney’s 47 percent.  The margin of error is plus or minus 3.4 percent.

The survey, conducted for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, polled a random sample of 800 likely voters. Respondents who said they were not likely to vote were taken out of the results.

Jim Lee, Susquehanna Polling and Research President, said in all important categories the President is polling at less than 50 percent.

He said Mr. Obama’s job approval is 48 percent, and his favorability is at 46 percent.

State GOP Chairman Rob Gleason said they have shared this information with the Romney campaign, which has withdrawn its ads from Pennsylvania.

“Takes more than just television and visits to win a campaign,” said Gleason. “I mean we have a very successful ground game. Moving forward, we’ve made thousands of contacts and we’re making a lot of positive work.”

The survey results differ from other recent polls. Numbers released Tuesday from Muhlenberg College have the President leading with 50 percent of the vote with Romney trailing at 41 percent. And The Philadelphia Inquirer published results on September 12th showing Mr. Obama at 50 percent and Romney running at 39 percent.

Jim Lee said legislative district polling validates Susquehanna's statewide results. He said they conducted surveys in 37 Pennsylvania Legislative districts and those inquiries show similar numbers.

“What we’re seeing in our legislative polling reinforces the closeness of the race at the statewide level,” said Lee. “And no other firm can say that they’ve surveyed close to 40 legislative districts in the past three months. And in every one of those we asked a head-to-head for president.”

Rob Gleason questioned the validity of the Inquirer’s poll.

“To say that we would be down by 11 percent, as the Philadelphia Inquirer said, is ridiculous,” said Gleason. “We lost by ten? Things have improved over the last four years so that they like Obama? That’s not true!”

Gleason said the Romney campaign will soon reenter the fight in Pennsylvania. Reassuring ads are coming back.

“There will be TV commercials going up soon,” said Gleason. “I’m not exactly sure what the volume will be.”