Rendell Insists Pennsylvania is Still Swing State

Sep 17, 2012

Some pundits have already written off Pennsylvania as a swing state, saying the state will easily go for President Barack Obama this election. However, former Governor Ed Rendell is pushing against that tide.

Rendell is using every public appearance he can to warn Obama supporters that Pennsylvania could still swing Republican and go for Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election. As Rendell advises against complacency, he said the Obama campaign has given him some push-back.

"And I got some grief from the Obama campaign," said Rendell. "And I said to them, 'Are you guys nuts? You want starting in June to tell the voters of Pennsylvania that the election is over? That we're gonna win no matter what?'"

Rendell said he expects the cash-rich super-PACs to spend lots of money in the final weeks of the campaign. However, shortly after the Republican National Convention, two Romney-allied superPACs announced they would pull their television ads out of Pennsylvania, saying the state isn’t competitive for Romney at this time.  Then a superPAC supporting the president withdrew its ads citing polls showing the commonwealth is leaning toward Mr. Obama.  Both the Obama and Romney campaigns have pulled their television ads in Pennsylvania.

After speaking about clean energy to a group of environmentalists in Philadelphia on Friday, Rendell made his pitch for the president. He said environmental voters are key for an Obama win.

“They’re really in the group that may decide these swing states," said Rendell. "They may not be as wildly and enthusiastically supporting him as they were in 2008, but the last time I checked an enthusiastic vote counts the same as a tepid vote.”

Some environmentalists are disappointed in Obama’s energy policy, which includes tapping domestic oil and gas.