Rounding Out High School & College Football Season with Bob Dvorchak

Dec 2, 2013

Bob Dvorchak talks about why so many universities now go to bowl games.
Credit Pallyboy33 / Flickr

December marks the convergence of three major events in the sports world, the start of bowl games for College Football, PA State playoffs for High School football championships, and the deer-hunting season.

Bob Dvorchak , Pittsburgh Post Gazette Sportswriter emeritus and host of the blog, Sports ‘n ‘at, shows his viewpoint on the bowls and says the motivation for having so many of them is simple.

“They need programming, if there’s money involved and the NCAA benefits from this, the schools benefit, there’s bowl payouts, and it does fill up programming on television with all the alphabets of sports networks that need to broadcast.”

According to Dvorchak Central Catholic High School looks to be the favorite when it comes to the state championships, but he wouldn't be surprised if South Fayette or North Catholic win.