State Loan to Make Schenley Park "Great Jewel"

Oct 24, 2012

Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park is getting a little renovation that will move stormwater through the park in a more natural way.

State Representative Dan Frankel (D-Allegheny) announced the approval of a $617,540 low-interest state loan for a stormwater runoff control project in the park.

Frankel, a member of the Pittsburgh Park Conservancy Board, said the project will be completely green.

“In other words, it’s not just bricks and mortar infrastructure,” Frankel said. “We’re going to look at how vegetation affects the ability to absorb water, the ability to utilize it for the general park, and keep the bricks and mortar infrastructure in terms of that would probably negatively affect the amenity itself.”

The project will also create an estimated ten related construction jobs, and Frankel feels it’s a great use of state money.

“I mean whenever you’re talking about one of the great jewels of a city, I think that one of the reasons Pittsburgh is such a desirable place,” he said.

The loan is being made through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, or Pennvest.

No date has been set for construction to begin, but Frankel believes the project will take “about a year” to finish.