State Senator Wants More Places to Get Voter ID

Aug 20, 2012 Voter ID Wrap_Emily Farah_SOC.mp3

Now that a Commonwealth Court judge has denied a request to block Pennsylvania's new Voter ID law from taking effect, State Senator Wayne Fontana (D-Allegheny) has sent a letter to Governor Corbett asking for more places to be designated for people to obtain proper photo identification needed for the November election.  Fontana suggested the district offices of representatives and senators in the General Assembly be made into places to get voter IDs.

"We could have plenty of neighborhood centers that they could go to to get these things done," Fontana said.  "We have notaries there, we have technology through the computers, we can take pictures, we can laminate, we can do all the things that would need to be done to make it convenient for folks to get their voter ID"

If each Pennsylvania state lawmaker made at least one of their local offices into a location to obtain an acceptable Voter ID, it would create 253 more places for residents to go besides a Department of Motor Vehicle Licensing Center.  Fontana said since the offices have all the resources they need to make voter IDs and even with the quick timetable for the fall election, implementation will be "simple."

"I don't think it would take long to establish a process that would work and be able to issue those IDs," Fontana said.  "If you really are concerned about everyone getting them, and you're not trying to disenfranchise voters, you'll make it convenient rather than inconvenient."

Fontana said he sent the letter Friday and hopes to hear back from the Governor and Secretary of State, who oversees elections in the commonwealth, this week.  He adds he hasn't heard much opposition to the proposal.

"I'm hoping to get a response one way or the other," Fontana said.  "So, we'll see what happens."