Thousands of Disabled Workers in PA Paid Far Below Minimum Wage

Jul 27, 2014

Autumn Self, a 26-year-old blind woman, sorts papers at the Westmoreland County Blind Association in Greensburg. She's worked for below minimum wage there for six years. "I think this is the only job I could have," she said.
Credit Martha Rial / PublicSource

About 13,000 disabled Pennsylvanians are earning an average of $2.40 an hour in a legal use of subminimum wages.

The majority work almost solely with other disabled people, in a world tucked away from the mainstream labor market.

They’re given menial tasks, like folding boxes, shredding paper or packing mail inserts.

Since 1986, there has been no limit to how little they can be paid. And even the federal government, which issues the certificates that allow employers to pay subminimum wages, doesn’t track the hourly earnings of the workers.

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