Today on Q: A Revealing Interview with Tom Petty

Jul 17, 2014

Artist Tom Petty with a revealing interview on The Really Big Questions, with host Dean Olsher.
Credit Brian R. Grubb / Wikipedia

Essential Pittsburgh will take a summer break July 14th – 18th.  We’ll return with live shows on July 21st.

While we’re away enjoy the daily arts and culture program Q with Jian Ghomeshi at noon. At 8pm find out what drives human behavior on the program The Really Big Questions (TRBQ) with Dean Olsher. 

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Today at noon on Q, with Jian Ghomeshi: The first hour of the show is completely devoted to Jian’s revealing interview with Tom Petty, who talks about his new record, his extensive list of hit singles, and his views of modern music.

At 8pm, The Really Big Questions, hosted by Dean Olsher: What’s your story? Research confirms our minds depend on the story as the driving force for comprehending, deciphering, recalling and organizing our lives. Why do stories have such power over our beliefs and behaviors?

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